Rame Yoga
Rame Yoga


I cannot recommend Jackie's yoga classes highly enough. I have tried lots of classes over many years and Jackie's classes are the best. Jackie teachers a flowing, active yoga and encourages everyone to do what feels right for their body. I often arrive at a class exhausted and frazzled but always feel restored on my way home. Thank you Jackie!

I have been on several of Jackie's Yoga Retreats - every single one was inspirational. Jackie is a truly warm and sensitive teacher moulding her retreats to every person's requirements. She aims all her classes from complete beginners through to advanced yogis with no pressure to be anywhere or do anything other than enjoy the magical ambience of her retreat. I never ever wanted the retreat to finish - always meeting interesting people, enjoying delicious food, having fun and learning more about yoga and at the same time chilling out - a time to just be! Teaching at its best - everyone needs some of Jackie in their lives!
Penny Knowles, Cawsand, Cornwall

Jackie's yoga retreats are amazing - truly energising and restorative! Jackie is a gifted and intuitive yoga practitioner, gently tapping into the individual needs of each in her class. Jackie's passion for yoga coupled with her years of experience and breadth of knowledge means her retreats are varied, fulfilling and a joy to be part of.
Nadine Trout

Jackie has been my Yoga teacher for around ten years, and I have been to many of her Retreats, down in West Cornwall. They are always wonderful; we have time during the Retreat to enjoy and explore aspects of Yoga beyond the physical asanas, such as the cleansing breathing methods, chanting (my personal favourite), very deep relaxation and meditation.

Jackie is so enthusiastic and inclusive in her Yoga Practice: beginners and more advanced practitioners are all catered for in the sessions, and Jackie is always smiling throughout from early morning till evening. She is great at giving us more confidence when we need to be personally stretched!